6 Beauty Tips from Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Hrush Achemyan

“When I started out as a makeup artist I think that I was very closed off to sharing and engaging, because I wanted to ‘keep my secrets’. But now I feel like I evolve every single month, my products change, my preferences change – although I do have some staple pieces that are my holy grail beauty items.

I find that sharing and educating others about how to make themselves beautiful is something that has completely changed for me, now I enjoy sharing the products and techniques that I’m using. I love sharing beauty knowledge and helping to educate people.”

My advice to others…

“If you’re a new makeup artist or you’re just starting out in the beauty industry I would say to you, never stop and never take no for an answer. I know that it sounds cliché, but if I had really listened to everyone in the beginning (I’ve been doing makeup for 12 years now) I would have stopped a long time ago. To be honest, I probably would have cried myself to sleep at night!

So I would say just ignore negativity. Obviously it’s important to listen and learn from constructive criticism, don’t just presume you’re the best at what you do, because there is always more to learn, but also, never give up.”

Hrush Achemyan interview – cosmopolitan

1. Brows come first

When your brows look good it doesn’t matter what else you have on your face. But if they’re off, they can be distracting. Even if I have no other makeup on my face, my brows will be done. I like to draw in the brows even before applying moisturizer because when eyebrows are damp, they don’t pick up the color as softly. I like to go for the wispy natural effect. I hate when people overdraw their brows. They can be big but they don’t have to be boomerangs on your face

2. Cocktail your sun protection

Definitely tone down the SPF in your moisturizer and foundation. When you’re under bright lights, you really don’t want too much SPF on your face because you get flashback and it makes you look white. You could end up looking like a ghost.

3. Layer highlighter under foundation

I like a light contour for the red carpet, but I love strobing because it really makes it look like your foundation is just skin. Strobing has been around forever, but I think it’s very pretty to have underneath foundation because it creates, like, an optical illusion. It shines through your foundation so you’re just glowing, and it can be convincing that you don’t even have foundation on.

4. Prep with milk of magnesia

The lights can literally melt your makeup off. You could go in one way and come out another. If you use milk of magnesia before applying anything to your face, it creates something like a plastic layer so the foundation never sinks into the skin. It basically coats the face. It makes sure your foundation stays on no matter what lighting you’re under.

5. Bronze is the new black (for eyes) 

I feel like bronzes are the best way to go because silvers can look too gloomy and too much black can make you look like a raccoon. You can turn out unpredictable in pictures. Bronzes and browns are your best insurance that you’ll look good in any light.

6. Invest in lip primer

Just like our face needs primer, I like to use a lip primer too. When our lips are primed, everything stays on way longer. So the lip is smooth I always do a lip scrub first, then ChapStick to make sure it’s moisturized. To finish I always go around the lip with a light translucent powder to stop the lipstick from getting leaky. And this is so important: I  always say drink out of a straw.

Hope you like it and comment what do you think about it😘


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