The power of lingerie

Lingerie is very directly and strongly linked to a women’s intimacy. For centuries, men have always believed that lingerie was created with the objective of seduction. There is no question that this aim exists. However, by choosing to put on pretty, seductive underwear, all women develop a slightly self-centred, even narcissistic, behaviour and attitude. In fact, lingerie contributes to a woman’s sense of ease with her body and, in this way, she accepts and loves her body better, becoming more confident and showing real assurance. The reason for this is very simple. Surprisingly, even though nobody can see her underwear, it really accentuates a woman’s figure and can sometimes shape her body to satisfaction.

Lingerie has too often been treated as an element of seduction. Men themselves created this phenomenon: a woman clad only in her underwear seems infinitely more sensual and sexual than a woman entirely in the nude. One could associate underwear with high heels. The latter have an effect on how a woman walks, making her more attractive, seductive and provocative. When combined with stockings, high heels have a certain charge, and an undeniable fetishist quality, as much for women as for men.

The perception and appreciation of the female form has undergone many radical changes. We could compare, for example, our early 21st century perception, to the 1960s and 1970s. In the sixties, when a woman got married, and even more so when she became a mother, her body was no longer meant to be seductive. Today this attitude is completely outdated and obsolete. In fact, women feel the need to be attractive at all ages, both before and after marriage, and even during their later years. This can be illustrated by the fact that, these days, a grandmother can be a beautiful woman and wish to dress to her best advantage in alluring underwear which enhances her figure. This revolution in customs concerning underwear is linked directly to innovation and technical considerations in the design of undergarments, and is subject to historical events. The history of lingerie deserves to be studied here. Lingerie, as opposed to the world of fashion, is a state of mind. A woman can love lingerie and wish to enhance her figure from the age of 15 to 75! Ready-to-wear fashion is a completely different universe from that of underwear. Clothes are always aimed at a distinct age group: fashion for a 15 year old girl is different from that of a woman of 30. Underwear, meanwhile, is much more a question of attitude and how a woman feels: a larger woman can be happy with her body, accepting herself as she is, and wish to enhance her figure with beautiful underwear. So lingerie should meet all aspirations and suit every kind of woman.

Lingerie should be associated with pleasure for a woman. The element of seduction remains, especially with certain undergarments: some of them are fascinating and inevitably inspire attraction. Stockings and suspenders make a woman extremely attractive, even bewitching. Bustiers, waspies and brassieres can be worn under a transparent shirt. The effect of this is bound to be equivocal, ambivalent and extremely fascinating when seen by others, and very flattering for the woman dressed this way.

The essence and attitude of lingerie is all in suggestion. Three terms can be applied to lingerie today: elegance, seduction and comfort. These three ideas have to be combined when designing underwear, and any vulgarity has to be ruled out. To avoid this, underwear has to be humorous and fresh.

The world of lingerie affects everybody: women, who are wearing this underwear, as well as men, who believe women were wearing it merely to seduce them. The story of lingerie, as well as its history, deserves some attention

– The story of lingerie


5 lingerie brands you need to know

” Life Isn’t Beautiful, but your lingerie can be “

The values of seduction, a definitive conquest of women, are the first signs of a revolutionary cult of the body , highlighted by transparencies , lace and shapes that exalt the female figure.Do we really need a big reason to have at least one or two Gorgeous sets for those special occasions?


high sexy sewing materials, romantic satin models , silk , lace. Italian brand that has won many women.

The Italian brand of lingerie and women’s underwear , seductive and very sexy.material high quality silk , satin, lace and embroidery of this Italian brand will do wonders silhouette.

Victoria Secret

High quality materials such as lycra , satin , lace , estampado.Eles laise know the female body and have parts for all.

La Rouge Belle 
Blogger Lala Rouge owner of the brand that sells extremely feminine , sexy and high standard parts. Lace , silk and various pink tones are easily found in the collections of the brand.

Gisele Underwear 

Gisele Bündchen created the brand that sells sexy underwear , high luxury. Panties and bras share space with items such as garter belt and kits for a special evening .

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Intimissimi – Summer collection ( One Day in Santorini ) 2016

Hey dolls , today I’m going to talk about the collection capsule for this summer 2016 inspired by the romantic beaches of Santorini.The new pieces of lingerie have inspired the freshness and simplicity with elegant and versatile cuts.The new collection Intimissimi created under the motto ” One day in Santorini ” includes lingerie sets in white silk , with details of lace and floral patterns.In lingerie contrasting with romantic lace , the delicacy is given by the different shades of blue that were inspired by the ripple of the greek beaches.


Ola bonecas , hojé vou falar sobre a  coleção-cápsula para este Verão 2016 inspirada nas românticas praias de Santorini.As novas peças de lingerie apresentam inspiração na frescura e na simplicidade com cortes elegantes e versáteis.A nova Coleção Intimissimi criada sob o mote “Um dia em Santorini” inclui conjuntos de lingerie em seda branca, com detalhes de rendas e padrões florais.Na lingerie a contrastar com a renda romântica,a delicadeza é dada pelos diferentes tons de azul que foram inspirados na ondulação das praias gregas.

wearing nice lingerie makes me feel really glamorous i love to splurge on that – Fergie

if love is blind , why is lingerie so popular ? – Dorothy Parker

lingerie is that inner , secret glamour – Alice Temperle

A lingerie o prazer de eleger a pele da nossa pele até ao encontro de outra pele

Brevidade é a alma da lingerie. – Dorothy Parker


Manter a conversa sempre fluindo é tão importante como usar uma linda lingerie. – Patrícia Poeta

“Wear fabulous underwear even if you are the only person who is going”

” life isn’t perfect, but your lingerie can be “

Good inspirations with the new collection – capsule of Intimissimi for this summer 2016 .

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